What's in this webinar?

No gimmicks, just free tools

  • We'll identify and modify common private practice myths to increase confidence in your ability to start and run your own successful practice

  • You'll learn initial tools and strategies ("Basics, Benefits, and Boundaries") to help you build a better business (whether you are new to private practice, or a longtime business owner)

  • You'll gain access to exclusive discounts and helpful links

  • You can directly ask Dr. Rubin questions using the unique interactive chat

  • We'll explore what you’ll find in “The Complete Private Practice Toolkit” course, including how it will provide you with the skills you haven’t been able to find anywhere else

Start or improve your private practice

Your well-being matters too. Build a better business, build a better life.

    1. What's in this free webinar?

    2. Intro to "The Complete Private Practice Toolkit for Mental Health Clinicians"

    3. Discount links!

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  • *This webinar does not offer continuing education credits

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  • What is the Complete Private Practice Toolkit?

    It's a one-stop shop for mental health clinicians interested in starting or improving a private practice at any stage of your career. Check out what's in the Complete Toolkit here.

  • Are the tools free?

    This webinar is! Access all the tools with a one-time payment of $349, or pay in 3 installments of $125 each. You can also sign up for the Free Preview!

  • How long will I have access to the webinar?

    Forever! Re-watch it as many times as you'd like.

  • What if I need more help?

    If the webinar was helpful but you need more support, enroll in the Complete Private Practice Toolkit to gain lifetime access to 4 hours of video instruction, downloadable practice scripts and templates, essential links, and exclusive discounts.


Nikki Rubin, Psy.D.

Creator of "The Complete Private Practice Toolkit"

Nikki Rubin, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist (CA PSY30047; NY 019595) in private practice in Los Angeles who also serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor in the UCLA Department of Psychology. She has worked in a private practice setting since 2011 (group and individual practices) and has launched two successful private practices of her own in both New York and Los Angeles. Dr. Rubin is passionate about mentorship in mental health training, including both clinical supervision and clinical entrepreneurship. She has coached countless colleagues on how to set up their now flourishing practices, and she's excited to share her secrets to success with the mental health clinician community at large. Learn more about Dr. Rubin and her practice at: https://drnikkirubin.com